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I just got my schedule, and it is a hot mess. Heres what I have:

HN English 3
Auto Tech 2
Spanish 1
HN Chem
Auto 2
Adv Theater
Agriculture Applications

Notice anything missing? I'll help you. A math class and a history class and an art class. Yeah. Wtf. Manu changes will be made come tuesday. Because I only signed up for 3 of the classes I got assigned. What kind of crap is that? SGHS Cousellors just don't know what they are doing..
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blah blah blah

so, what are the opinions on my new hair?

if anyone missed it today, ask the other 99.8% of the school who felt free to stop, point (or touch) and stare at it today. saying things like "What the fuck?" or "lord jesus" or "OH MY GOD".
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since there was so much controversy over the last entry, here is the research I have come up with so far. I have another link I haven't looked at yet, but ill post that as well so you guys can research all this on your own.

"DURHAM , N.C. —On Aug. 5, 2005, Gov. Mike Easley signed into law Senate Bill 961 “An Act to Establish a Statewide Standard for Vending Products Sold during the School Day, as Recommended by the Study Committee for Childhood Overweight/Obesity of the Health and Wellness Trust Fund.” The North Carolina Vending Association worked with the study committee of Health and Wellness Trust Fund to develop a bill that would achieve the desired results of providing healthy, well-balanced snack options to school children.

According to a press release distributed by the governor’s office, Senate Bill 961 amends N.C.G.S. 115C-264 and establishes a new section 115C-264.2 to regulate the sale of food and drink to students during the school day. The bill prevents any school from selling soft drinks during breakfast or lunch hours. Elementary schools cannot sell soft drinks, and middle schools can only sell diet soft drinks or bottled water.

Additionally, public high schools may, with local school board approval, sell beverages in vending machines if: No more than 50 percent of the offerings for sale to students in high schools are sugared carbonated soft drinks; Diet carbonated soft drinks are not considered in the same category as sugared carbonated soft drinks; and Bottled water products are available in every school that has beverage vending.

The bill will allow snack vending in middle and high schools, but by the 2006-2007 school year, machines would have to meet the Proficient Level of the North Carolina Eat Smart Nutrition Standards, meaning that 75 percent of snack vending products have no more than 200 calories per portion or snack vending package. This law went into effect immediately." [the nutrition things and such are pages 26-27

First, I didn't write the last entry, someone posted it on Myspace and I was spreadign the word. But I don't think they will take away home lunches. But you can't bring in food from subway if it is in the wrapper.

As I read, that thing says you can't sell anything when breakfast is being sold. They don't sell breakfast at South Granville or Hawley. Yet we're still not allowed to sell things. If they are trying to revamp the snack machines to be healthy, why aren't they changing the school cafeteria food? The food they serve us for lunch is not healthy and not appetizing. Even the food brought in from outside of school is bad [meaning the pizza and chicken]. The pizza is nothing but grease, cheese, and bread. It is incredibly high in fat. And there is no alternate choices for people who have health problems or are on a diet or are vegan/vegetarian. These people should not have to bring food from home. The schools should offer these meal options instead of fattening and tasteless foods. South Granville used to have salads offered, but the no longer do that. We have no fruits offered, and even when they used to it would be unripened apples.If changes were made to the school offered food then maybe more people would buy food from the cafeteria. According to teachers at Hawley Middle school the money from the cafeteria doesn't even benefit the school, it goes to the USDA and manufatureres of the food.

Key Club was selling these chocolate ribbons for a breast cancer fund. None of the money goes to the school, but we're stil not allowed to sell them next week. At Hawley Middle School they even stopped selling pencils and things. I'm assuming Tom Williams [the guy in charge of Granville County schools] is the one whose really cracking down. He told Mr. Crews he could no longer have his breakfast cart. He was allowed to sell what he had left and that was it. The money made from that cart and the snack machines and what not are what is payign for the additions to Hawley and updating of computers and such.

I know alot of you are sayign this law is federal, and yes, it is. But it is vague on the federal level. It is then given to the states for interpretation and then to the different county school boards. Yes, it would make a greater impact if schools all over the country had protests, but we have no way of inciting that. Just one protest at South Granville will at least get the attention of Tom Williams. If we make it a big enough deal and can get 5 On Your Side to come out, more schools in NC can see it, and maybe even schools across the nation. This is not the whole shebang, I see this as one small step into changing this and other things that Tom Williams has done.
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Okay, How many people have heard about the law where schools cant have vending machines on during the day until 2 pm and they cannot have anymore fundraisers.

Well..a teacher told us that the only way anything is gonna get done is if we(students) do something about it.

A large group of students at South Granville are preparing to protest the law Wednesday at 8 am. We will also be boycotting the cafeteria that day..and I personally..will be boycotting it for a while.

We are the future..if we dont do something...who will?

They're trying to control everything we do..and the next bill their trying to that you cant even bring bag lunches from HOME into the cafeteria..or to school..THATS MESSED UP!...

There are petitions being signed and this protest..we're going to try to get g105 at school along with some news stations...we're tired as a student body of bending over and taking it up the ass whenever the state feels like being now..we're fighting back. Feel free to join in and assist us in anyway by making signs etc.

I will be making one that says "WE'RE THE FUTURE. AND THE FUTURES GETTING FAT"
(because of the fatty school food and unhealthy food choices)and one that says "BAD FOOD = BAD MOODS!


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Oh yay school tomorrow :D ... ha not ...grr

who has classes with me??

1st - sports and entertainment - mrs farmen
2nd - spanish 2 - ms. yates
3rd - phyical science - mr brown
4th - honors english 3 - mrs price

I hope I know someone in my clases
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So. Midterms finished this afternoon. How do you guys think you did? Any you wished you had studied for?

And does anyone else agree think that we should have a Fall Break afterwards? Doesn't it seem weird to go right back to school after exams? I think the school should try it. My friend Anna's school has a fall break,as well as several school systems in Florida and other state. I think they should give it a shot.