silhouette_ofme (silhouette_ofme) wrote in southgranville,

Okay, How many people have heard about the law where schools cant have vending machines on during the day until 2 pm and they cannot have anymore fundraisers.

Well..a teacher told us that the only way anything is gonna get done is if we(students) do something about it.

A large group of students at South Granville are preparing to protest the law Wednesday at 8 am. We will also be boycotting the cafeteria that day..and I personally..will be boycotting it for a while.

We are the future..if we dont do something...who will?

They're trying to control everything we do..and the next bill their trying to that you cant even bring bag lunches from HOME into the cafeteria..or to school..THATS MESSED UP!...

There are petitions being signed and this protest..we're going to try to get g105 at school along with some news stations...we're tired as a student body of bending over and taking it up the ass whenever the state feels like being now..we're fighting back. Feel free to join in and assist us in anyway by making signs etc.

I will be making one that says "WE'RE THE FUTURE. AND THE FUTURES GETTING FAT"
(because of the fatty school food and unhealthy food choices)and one that says "BAD FOOD = BAD MOODS!

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